Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing the Idea

Greetings everyone.
My name is Errol Coder. Just like many of you out there during this low economy, one of the primary succubus of our funds is FOOD. And like me, most of you are on the Foraging for Other sources Of food Diet. Hence, the FOOD Diet. You all out there have come up with a rather unique list of food combinations that doesn't break the bank, but puts a little substance in your stomach. One of the major sources for inexpensive food, thankfully so, is the dollar store. I don't mean the ones that say they are, but stuff cost more then a $1. I mean, real, $1 everything only stores.

This blog is aimed to gather all your favorite meals bought solely at $1 stores. Eventually, as the list gets quite plentiful, a book will be published to share these treasures with all the sustenance deprived onlookers who drool at the thought of a juicy beef hamburger, but who will settle for a dressed up bowl of beef Ramen noodles. Whether you are a student, artist, homeless, or the like, you will be able to make use of t his!

I will be posting new meals as I prepare them, for your use, and culinary enjoyment! Please reply with any and all meals that you have enjoyed!